Healthcare Innovation Leadership Institute

Course schedule 2018

  • Welcome Reception and Panel

    To kickoff the Institute, a panel of local healthcare leaders and innovators will offer their insights on transformative leadership. After a question and answer session, enjoy a reception for further discussion with these leaders, your classmates, and Institute faculty and advisors. 4:30-6 p.m.



  • Developing Personal Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

    Leadership in healthcare today and in the future will require different and highly transformational leadership competencies. Emotional intelligence is one characteristic that can predict career and life satisfaction, as well as play a role in a leader’s ability to influence others and build collaborative relationships. This course will provide leaders with information, feedback, self-awareness, and tools for enhancing their emotional intelligence.

  • February 14: Excelling at Negotiation and Influence

    Negotiation is an everyday occurrence in our personal and professional lives. The ability to negotiate effectively is an art and a science that can be learned and even mastered. It is estimated that 75 to 85 percent of a negotiation’s success is determined before the face-to-face process starts. Successfully negotiated agreements are challenging and can carry great consequences to an organization’s competitive advantage. Participants will learn the art and techniques of negotiation and influence. 

  • March 14: Engaging the Community to Improve Health Outcomes

    Healthcare organizations play a significant role in the communities they serve beyond providing services and employment opportunities. More attention is being paid to the overall health status of communities and healthcare leaders need to understand how they can engage and partner with others to drive measurable improvement in their communities. Participants will learn how to identify areas in which to engage, determine potential partners for engagement and the importance of developing metrics to ensure their efforts are successful.      

  • April 11: Influencing Decisions with the Stories Behind the Data

    Healthcare leaders are increasingly put under pressure to do more with less as the health system moves toward a patient-centered system promoting high quality and increased access at lower costs. Therefore, the ability to transform data into effective stories and decision-making tools is a necessary skill for all leaders. In this course, participants will learn how to combine the heart (storytelling) and the head (data) in order to engage their audience effectively and achieve the impact they seek. 

  • May 9: Building Resilience to Lead Change

    This course will offer a holistic approach to understanding ways to recognize and build personal resilience. It will begin with an overview of how we personally experience change, as well as how we lead others effectively through the process of change in the workplace. Participants will learn ways to incorporate skills and behaviors that build their own personal resilience, as well as strategies to recognize and enhance resilience in others.

  • May 23: Capstone Experience

    Series will culminate in the development of a capstone project specific for participants’ organization.

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