Graduate Degrees

Enhance your skills with a graduate degree or certificate

SPEA’s graduate mission is focused on professionalism. Students work with actual clients, not just hypothetical problems, and they actively engage with community partners.

SPEA graduate degrees and certificates will enhance your skills and prepare you to effectively manage, evaluate, and lead organizations.

Don’t put your career on hold

Graduate course schedules are designed so students can work full time while earning a master’s degree or certificate. Even better: students already working in the field may qualify for up to 12 hours of mid-career or service credit hours. 

Graduate certificates

Graduate students can use SPEA certificate programs to supplement their primary fields of study—taking, for example, the certificate courses as part of a doctoral or master’s degree minor.

Employees of public and private sector agencies seeking graduate-level courses, and especially those changing from professional or technical roles to managerial roles, also find these certificate programs beneficial.

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