SPEA's Top 100 students

The top 100 students on the IUPUI campus are chosen annually by faculty, staff and alumni after being nominated by faculty and staff. Top 100 students must be juniors or seniors with exceptional scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities on campus, and civic and community service. This annual recognition program is co-sponsored by the Alumni Association and SOAR (Student Organization for Alumni Relations). Honors are presented at an annual banquet attended by students, parents, family members, faculty, staff and alumni.

2015 Alexander Craft, Lauren Kenney, Victoria MacLain, Chad Montgomery, Sydney Teal, Dana Yenko
2014:   Kourtney Givens, Victoria MacLain, Chad Montgomery, Jennifer Oleksiak, Meredith Ollier, Joshua Van Goey
2013:   Theresa Benz, Rachel Hathaway, Sarah Smith, Joshua Van Goey
2012:   Theresa Benz, Jennifer Boldig, Laura DeMougin, Linda Do, Rachel Hathaway, Atlantis Richter, Tonya Scott, Sarah Smith
2011:   Christopher Bauchle, Linda Do, Shytierra Gaston, Cora Griffin, Tatum Miller, Tonya Scott, Margaret Sinclair, Brent Worth
2010:   Christopher Bauchle, Heather Braun, Shytierra Gaston, Cora Griffin, Margaret Sinclair, Robert Wagner, Traci Wilmoth, Brent Worth
2009:   Una Dragic, Emily Duckworth, Celita Duncan, Tolonda Larry
2008:   Jeff Abshire, Natalie Clayton, Una Dragic, Lisa Gebhard, Tonya Patterson, Michael Roberts, Nathan Zaugg
2007:   Nathan Kohley
2006:   Corrie Bilke
2005:   Ashlee Adkins, Corrie Bilke, Christopher Borkowski, Margaret Byrd, Larissa Heller, Andrea Munn, Kristina Patterson, Rebecca Salley, Leslie Schick, Alysson Slott, Eric Smith
2004:   Ashlee Adkins, Margaret Byrd, Rebecca Salley, Emily Christine Sanders, David Alan Schwarz, Angela Lynn Volovich, Dustin Ryan Walker, Matthew Vern Williams, Robert Young, Jr.
2002:   Melanie Boynton, Lincoln Capstick, William Cobb, Samantha DeWester, Angela Taylor, Denise Hall Tinkel
2001:   Lincoln Capstick, Angelique Nelson, John Sullivan