A SPEA internship provides work experience that complements your classroom preparation. Public Affairs majors are required to complete an internship. Criminal Justice majors are strongly encouraged to do internships. Internships allow you to:

  • Apply what you've learned in the classroom to real-world situations
  • Gain valuable work experience relevant to your academic program
  • Spot career opportunities
  • Connect with professionals who can mentor you, write letters of recommendation, and help you find jobs.

However, getting an internship starts with you! To start the process, contact:

Kathleen Hursh, Associate Director of Career Services

The first step in your internship experience is identifying the internship you'd like. Second, make sure you are eligible. Third, fill out the internship proposal form and get it signed. SPEA faculty and staff are prepared to help you with each of these steps.

Internship forms (PDF documents)

SPEA Internship Instructions

SPEA Internship Proposal Form

Student Evaluation of Internship Experience

Employer Evaluation of Internship Experience

Link to Journaling Your Internship Experience

Link to Internship Paper Guidelines

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