Dan Remington

"My time at the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare has shown me the value of the education I received at IUPUI SPEA. At my job, I’m required to think creatively, write effectively and manage efficiently. The dedication of the faculty and staff to ensure you are equipped to be a valuable member of an organization someday is something I am grateful for."

Dan Remington
Sustainable Management + Policy, BSPA '14

Customer Service Manager, Indiana Pacers Bikeshare

Sustainable Management and Policy

Do you

  • Support environmental causes?
  • Love the outdoors?
  • Worry about climate change?
  • Want to turn your concern for the earth into policies and laws?
  • Want to lead a corporation’s “green” initiatives?
  • Recycle, reuse and reduce?

Sustainable Management and Policy may be a good major for you. Sustainability at SPEA IUPUI focuses on the development and implementation of policies that help communities meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. SPEA prepares people to lead and manage sustainability efforts in government, nonprofits and businesses.

SPEA at IUPUI created this new major because more and more government, private and nonprofit organizations are focusing on environmental conservation and economic and social responsibility. These organizations need graduates who don’t just point out problems, but who have the tools and smarts to address sustainability issues and bring real change to communities and companies. Other people may study the causes and effects of air and water pollution, for example; SPEA’s Sustainable Management and Policy alumni will work from within a company or government to make factories safer for the environment.

Like all of SPEA’s BSPA students, the people studying Sustainable Management and Policy will have a solid understanding of public affairs, finance, policy-making and civic engagement, combined with specialized classes in the principles of sustainability, environmental justice and green technologies.

Complete list of requirements for the the Sustainable Management and Policy major: degree planning sheet and 4 year graduation plan.

Sustainable Management and Policy sample careers

  • City sustainability manager
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Corporate sustainability coordinator
  • Manager of an environmental nonprofit group
  • Owner of a green business
  • Research analyst
  • Compliance auditor
  • Sales/marketing manager
  • Legislative analyst
  • Environmental attorney (after law school, of course)