Policy Studies

Do you

  • Like to develop solutions to complex problems?
  • Want to influence the legislative process?
  • Like to do research and report what you learn?
  • Want to calculate the costs and benefits of programs and activities?
  • Enjoy the political process?
  • Want to make changes in your community, nation and world?

Policy Studies may be a good major for you.

Your classes will focus on the policymaking process, law and public policy, performance measurement and program evaluation, government finance and budgets, managing information technology, management, leadership and ethics, history, social sciences, natural sciences, communications, and community and metropolitan development. You can also choose classes built around your specific interests, such as the environment or cities.

Complete list of requirements for the Policy Studies major: degree planning sheet and 4 year graduation plan.

Policy Studies sample careers

  • Policy analyst
  • Cost-benefit analyst
  • Legislative analyst
  • Research specialist
  • Strategic planner
  • Government relations representative
  • Legislative committee staff
  • Corporate public affairs officer