Honors Program

The SPEA Honors Program offers select students across all SPEA majors an opportunity to enroll in a challenging academic program that will enhance learning opportunities. Benefits include:

  • Increased opportunities to interact with faculty members
  • Greater depth of learning in your major through additional challenges
  • Enhanced relationships with other motivated, high-achieving students
  • Enriched classroom discussions
  • Membership in the IUPUI Honors College, access to Honors College advisors, and use of the Honors College facility, which includes dedicated study space, computer lab, group-work rooms, and interaction with other Honors students.
  • Opportunity to pursue the Honors Minor in Leadership

Admission requirements:

  1. Be admitted to SPEA
  2. Have 12 IUPUI GPA hours complete with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA
  3. Be enrolled at IUPUI full time
  4. Complete SPEA Honors Program application
  5. Have completed no more than 42 credit hours at the time of application

Program requirements:

To successfully complete the SPEA Honors Program, a student must:

  • Maintain a 3.3 GPA in Honors courses, and in each term, and cumulatively
  • Complete 24 total Honors credit hours (15 hours of required SPEA Honors courses plus 9 hours of Honors electives)
  • Complete an Honors course or experience every semester.

Honors courses

  1. Each SPEA Honors student must complete 15 hours of SPEA Major courses for Honors credit

  2. Each SPEA Honors student must complete 9 hours of Honors elective courses

    • We recommend working with the SPEA Honors Advisor to plan these courses. Taking courses from full-time SPEA faculty will be preferred for Honors credit SPEA courses.
    • SPEA classes being taken for Honors credit will include additional requirements beyond those in the regular course offering. Examples of additional requirements include:
      • A major paper not required in the regular course
      • Additional or different questions on exams; these questions may cover additional material or require mastery of material beyond the level required in the regular course
      • Other additional assignments not required in the regular course
      • Adding an Honors component to study abroad, service learning, senior capstone, or internship experiences
      • Note that applicable paperwork must be submitted and approved prior to the experience in order to receive Honors credit.
    • Students in the SPEA Honors Program will be required to meet with faculty outside of regular class meetings. Such interaction could take different forms and can be arranged for individual students or groups of students. Options include in-person meetings, online interaction, telephone conference calls, etc. We would recommend at least six hours of interaction per semester (that would be half an hour per week or one hour every other week for 12 of the 15 weeks of a semester).
    • With approval, SPEA Honors Students can take graduate courses or complete study abroad experiences to meet Honors requirements.
  3. Each student must meet with the SPEA Honors Advisor each term to complete the contract required to enroll in an Honors course. Students then will submit the contract to the Honors College no later than the third week of classes, though we recommend submitting paperwork prior to the start of the semester.

For more information on SPEA's Honors program, contact Suzann Lupton, Faculty Coordinator of Honors Program, slupton, or Nicole Amonette,

Students interested in the Honors Minor in Leadership should contact the IUPUI Honors College at (317) 274-2660 or email

Honors College website:

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