Ivy Tech Transfer

Welcome Ivy Tech Students!

Transferring to IUPUI from Ivy Tech is easy! The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at IUPUI is committed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our advisors will help you through the process.

Your degree in SPEA builds upon the courses you’ve completed at Ivy Tech. You may even be able to transfer into SPEA with junior standing and be on your way to completing a Bachelor’s degree in just two years!

Transfer qualifications

  1. You must have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at Ivy Tech
  2. You must have earned a GPA of 2.0 or higher in your most recent semester at Ivy Tech
  3. You must have completed 12 or more college-level transferable credit hours at Ivy Tech 

If you meet these qualifications, there are two ways to get started on transferring: visit SPEA at IUPUI, or start your application online.

Campus visit

We encourage you to visit the IUPUI campus to learn more about SPEA’s undergraduate programs. The Office of Campus Visits will coordinate your visit for you. Be sure to tell them you’d like to talk with an advisor in SPEA. 

Apply online

If you are already familiar with IUPUI, you can go directly to the IUPUI Transfer Admission website, complete your application, and submit your official Ivy Tech transcripts. Make sure you meet the correct application deadline:

  • For fall semester admission, apply to IUPUI by May 1
  • For spring semester admission, apply to IUPUI by November 1
  • For summer I admission, apply to IUPUI by March 15
  • For summer II admission, apply to IUPUI by May 1

Transfer scholarships

Because Ivy Tech and IUPUI are partners, IUPUI has a special scholarship available for students who transfer to IUPUI within one year of completing an associate’s degree at Ivy Tech. The scholarship is called the Passport to IUPUI Scholarship. The award amount is $1500 annually, up to two years. Other scholarships are available, too. Visit the Office of Student Scholarships or SPEA’s scholarships page.

Transferring for the Criminal Justice Degree

One of the most popular SPEA majors for students transferring from Ivy Tech is the Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Click here for a printable degree map outlining the details. Also, here is a quick reference of how Criminal Justice coursework transfers from Ivy Tech to IUPUI:

Ivy Tech Course:

IUPUI Equivalent:

CRIM 101: Intro to Criminal Justice

SPEA-J 101: Intro to Criminal Justice

CRIM 103: Cultural Awareness

SPEA-J275 Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice

CRIM 113: Criminal Investigation

SPEA-J320: Criminal Investigation

CRIM 120: Intro to Courts

SPEA-J306: The Criminal Courts

CRIM 150: Juvenile Justice

SPEA-J305: Juvenile Justice

CRIM 240 or 211: Criminal Law

SPEA-J301: Substantive Criminal Law

CRIM 280: Internship

SPEA-J380: Internship

BUSN 105: Principles of Management

SPEA-V263: Public Management

For additional information about credit transfer, please visit the Credit Transfer and Articulation System (CATS).

Talk to us!

Call SPEA: 317-274-4656

Email SPEA:

Visit SPEA: 805 West Michigan Street, Room BS 3025, IUPUI