Undergrad FAQs


What degrees does SPEA award?
If you are completing a major in Criminal Justice or Public Safety Management, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ).
If you are completing a major in Civic Leadership, Management, Media and Public Affairs, Policy Studies or Sustainable Management and Policy, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA). 

How can I avoid problems with plagiarism and academic misconduct?
The most frequent academic misconduct issue for students is plagiarism. IUPUI has many resources to help students understand what constitutes plagiarism and other types of academic misconduct and how to avoid these. The School of Education offers a helpful tutorial on plagiarism: tutorial. It includes a quiz you can take to ensure that you understand how to avoid plagiarism. Learn more about what constitutes academic misconduct and the  IUPUI Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct  here: 

Internships and scholarships 

Where can I get information about internships?
SPEA students can register on our online job and internship database at Also, follow SPEA on Facebook or Twitter, where internships are posted. 

How do I find out about SPEA scholarships?
Learn more about SPEA's scholarship opportunities on the Undergrad Scholarships page. Most scholarship deadlines are in March or April, so speak with your academic advisor about these opportunities in late fall or winter.

Admissions and registration 

What are SPEA's admission requirements?
SPEA requires that students have completed 12 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a previous semester GPA of 2.0. If you have completed 12 hours of SPEA (major) courses, you must have a GPA of 2.3 in those courses.

What is the SPEA application deadline?
For undergraduate students new to IUPUI, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website. 

Can I speak to a SPEA advisor if I am not an admitted SPEA student?
Absolutely. Call 317-274-4656 to set up an appointment with the appropriate advisor. 

Can I be admitted to SPEA directly from high school?
Yes. However, first you must apply through the IUPUI the Undergraduate Admissions website. Please see undergraduate admissions criteria for admission requirements.

How can I learn more about SPEA?
You can request information online to be mailed to you. Or you can contact SPEA Student Services at 317-274-4656 (toll-free 877-292-9321) or to plan a campus visit that suits your needs.

When is the SPEA Student Services office (BS 3025) open?


8 a.m.-5 p.m.


8 a.m.-5 p.m.


8 a.m.-5 p.m.


8 a.m.-6 p.m.


8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

How do I schedule an advising appointment?
Make an appointment to see your advisor by calling 317-274-4656 (toll-free 877-292-9321) or clicking here. Because one question usually leads to another, it’s best to schedule time with an advisor.

How do I request a class permission?
Fill out the online student services request form.

Classes and grades

How can I view the schedule of classes?
Go to the following website: Choose the appropriate term.

Where is the SPEA Undergraduate Bulletin?

How can I view my Degree Advisement Report?
Log in to One.IU, click on the "Self-Service" tab and then click on the "My Degree Progress" link under the "Academic Services" heading.

How many credit hours do I need to be classified as a sophomore, junior or senior?
Sophomore: 26-55 credit hours
Junior: 56-85 credit hours
Senior: 86+ credit hours

What is the maximum number of hours I can carry each term?
SPEA students in good academic standing may carry a maximum of 18 hours during Fall and Spring semesters and a maximum of 7 hours during Summer Session I and 7 hours during Summer Session II.

What does SPEA recommend for many credit hours I can take and still balance my responsibilities at work and home?
IUPUI has developed guidelines to help students determine the number of credit hours you can take and still have time to study and meet work and other obligations. Financial aid regulations also affect course load. Your academic advisor is the best source to help determine what is right for you, but the guidelines below can help you get started.

Hours Employed Per Week    

Semester Load    

Summer Load    



6 credits

3 credits

Half-time status


9 credits

4-5 credits

Three-quarter status


12-17 credits

6 credits

Full-time status

What are the chances of getting into a class if I'm on the "waitlist"?
Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately predict this. The waitlist usually runs through the end of the first week of class. Check the Registrar's calendar for the last day to waitlist. After this time, the waitlist system is inactive. Please monitor your schedule often to see if your waitlist has been satisfied. If the instructor allows you in the class after the first week, please complete an add/drop form to take to the Registrar's office.

What are the deadlines to drop and/or add a course, and how do I do that?
Use One.IU to register and/or adjust your schedule through the first week of classes. After that time, complete a schedule adjustment form with the necessary signatures, which is available in SPEA Student Services. Take the completed form to the Registrar's office in Campus Center 205. Refer to the Registrar website for specific deadlines each semester.

What are the deadlines for taking a course Pass/Fail, what is the procedure, and how do I know if I can take a course Pass/Fail?
Students in good academic standing may choose to take a maximum of eight elective courses (and only electrive courses), with a limit of two per calendar year, as Pass/Fail. A grade of a "P" is not counted in grade point averages, but a grade of "F" is. A grade of "P" cannot subsequently be changed to a grade of A, B, C or D. Deadlines for taking courses Pass/Fail are published on the Registrar website under Academic Calendar. SPEA strictly enforces University deadlines. A Pass/Fail form may be obtained from the Recorder at the SPEA Student Services office, BS 4032T. Please refer to the Registrar website for additional information on the Pass/Fail Option.

Does SPEA require a foreign language to fulfill a degree requirement?
No. However, both Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice students and Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs students can choose to do the foreign language option in their degree. This is the recommended option for both degrees.

What is the difference between a "Double Major" and a "Dual Degree"?
In essence, a double major is when a student pursues two majors within the same school--for example, a Bachelor's degree from SPEA with a double major in management and civic leadership. A dual degree is when a student is pursuing two Bachelor's degrees from different schools within the university--for example, a degree from SPEA and a degree from Journalism. If you are planning on either of these options, see an advisor.

How do I change my major?
See your SPEA Student Services advisor in BS 3025. Set up an appointment by calling 317-274-4656 or toll-free, 877-292-9321.

I want to pursue a SPEA minor. How do I do this?
You must apply for a minor, and you can only complete the application when you are registered for your final minor course. Please call 317-274-4656 (or toll-free, 877-292-9321) to make an appointment with your academic advisor. View a list of SPEA minors and their requirements.

I would like to pursue a non-SPEA minor. How do I do this?
Contact the school or department advisor for the minor you are pursuing. You will also need to complete an application, which are usually available through the departmental website.

How do I enroll in a correspondence course?
Independent Study courses may be taken to fulfill general education requirements or electives. SPEA allows students to take up to three independent study courses, for no more than 10 credit hours. Students must have independent study courses approved by the SPEA Undergraduate Program Director or SPEA advisor.

Can I “Grade-X” a course?
Yes. If you are an IUPUI SPEA student, you can replace any grade in a course by retaking it a second time. Both courses must have been taken since fall of 1996 at IUPUI and must be processed prior to graduation. Student may replace five grades for a total of 15 credit hours. You can pick up the required form at BS 4032T. Students wishing to Grade-X a course should speak with their advisor.

How can I appeal a course grade?
Students seeking a grade change should first contact the course instructor directly. If the instructor agrees that a change is appropriate, the instructor can access and complete a form for this purpose. If you want to appeal further, you can fill out the Change of Grade Petition through the Registrar's office. See this website for details and the form:  

I am having trouble in one or more of my courses. What services are available to me?
Make the most of opportunities to interact with your course instructor, by attending every class and visiting the instructor during office hours. If you still have concerns about your progress, speak to your instructor about possible solutions. You can also talk to your SPEA advisor.

Do I need a grade of C or better in a SPEA class for it to count toward my degree?
Not necessarily. To remain in good academic standing, SPEA requires that students maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C), a SPEA GPA of 2.3 (C+) and a semester GPA of 2.0 (C). This requirement means that single courses grades can be below a C, but the average of the course grades must be maintained at these levels. A grade of C or better is required for ENG-W131 Elementary Composition I.

What if my GPA drops below the minimum requirements?
You are no longer considered to be in good academic standing. Consequences can range from being placed on academic probation, critical probation or dismissal. These academic actions are considered twice a year for each of our students. Meet with a SPEA advisor as soon as you become concerned that your grades may fall below the minimum.

Completing your degree

Do I have to take my last 30 hours on the IUPUI campus?
No, though you must complete over 50% of your coursework on the Indianapolis campus.

What happens if I can't get a course I need for graduation?
If you think this may happen, meet with a SPEA academic advisor immediately. Call 317-274-4656 (or toll-free, 877-292-9321) to set up an appointment. It is imperative that you register on the date and time assigned to you. We recommend that you meet with an advisor every single semester to help avoid these situations.


When and how do I apply for graduation?
Apply for graduation the semester before you plan to graduate. Students graduating in May or August should apply by January 10, and students graduating in December should apply by September 10. Schedule a “senior audit” appointment with a SPEA academic advisor to complete the graduation application and ensure that all requirements have been met.
Graduation Application (PDF)

Can I participate in May graduation if I am an official August graduate?
Yes. Discuss this with your SPEA academic advisor when you complete your senior audit.

When will I receive my diploma?
The diplomas can take up to two months to arrive. You will receive a letter letting you know when your diploma has arrived so you can pick it up.

There are three levels of graduating with honors, all based on cumulative GPA:
Graduating with Distinction: 3.50-3.69 GPA
Graduating with High Distinction: 3.70-3.89 GPA
Graduating with Highest Distinction: 3.90 and above

Students do not apply for these honors; they are administratively calculated, and students are notified individually.

What are the criteria for Dean's List and graduating with honors?
The Dean's List is calculated every semester (fall and spring). To qualify, a student must complete at least six credit hours and have a semester GPA of 3.50.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?
Request a transcript from the IUPUI Registrar.

Other help

Where can I get help with some personal issues?

Visit IUPUI’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) via its website or call 317-274-2548.