SPEA admissions criteria

General information

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) considers dual admission of beginning students with University College (UCOL) and direct admission of transfer students. Students can be considered for any term.

Students who start out in University College are eligible to certify or transfer in to SPEA after they have declared a major in SPEA, completed a 2.0 cumulative and prior term GPA. In addition, if the student has completed 12 or more hours in the SPEA major, he or she also needs a 2.3 SPEA GPA.

Beginners (direct admission to SPEA)

A. Beginner students will receive Direct (Dual) Admission to SPEA and UCOL, providing the students have achieved all the following:

  • Have completed Core 40 or Academic Honors diploma.
  • Have 1000+ SAT combined total of critical reasoning and math score or ACT composite of 21.
  • Have 3.00 GPA.

B. All other applicants should be considered for admission to UCOL.

Transfer admission

Students transferring from other institutions will receive Direct Admission to SPEA, providing the students have achieved all of the following:

1. Cumulative GPA - 2.0 and above with the following conditions:

a. SPEA reserves the right to review and withhold admission in those cases where students have been granted forgiveness, exclusion, or similar exemptions that remove from the cumulative GPA calculation grades that would typically be included in the GPA. SPEA does recognize grade replacements for courses that have been retaken at an institution where the higher of the course grades has been used to compute the cumulative GPA.

b. SPEA reserves the right to review and withhold admission in those cases where students are seeking to transfer to SPEA from another institution, but they also have a previous record at IUPUI which does not meet good standing requirements.

c. Students who do not meet condition A.1.a) or A.1.b) should meet with the Director of SPEA Student Services. 

2. Last completed semester with a GPA of 2.0 and above.

  • Students who do not meet this condition but do meet the cumulative GPA requirement should meet with the Director of SPEA Student Services.

3. Completed 12 or more transferable credit hours. If under 12 credit hours, follow criteria for beginning students.

Intercampus transfer, temporary or permanent

SPEA students at any campus of Indiana University may transfer permanently to SPEA on another campus, provided they meet the requirements for admission, good academic standing, and plurality of courses on that campus. SPEA students seeking a temporary transfer to SPEA Indianapolis must meet the good academic standing requirement.

  1. Route all temporary and permanent intercampus transfer students to the SPEA Office of Student Services for review.
  2. The following requirements must be met by permanent intercampus transfer students:

a. Must be in good academic standing, which requires the following:

i. Cumulative GPA – 2.0 and above

ii. Semester GPA – 2.0 and above

iii. SPEA major GPA – 2.3 minimum, providing the student has completed 12 transferable credit hours or more in the major.

b. Must meet the plurality requirement. The campus at which a student completes the plurality (more than half) of course work will award the degree, provided that campus is authorized to grant the degree.

c. Permanent intercampus transfer students, who do not meet the Regular Admission requirements, may be considered for Probationary Admission to UCOL.

Second undergraduate degree applicants

Students who are seeking a second undergraduate degree are encouraged to explore SPEA graduate programs or graduate certificate programs.

Students must petition to SPEA for approval to pursue a second bachelor’s degree.

SPEA credit posted for police and firefighting training

SPEA grants credit for graduates of the Indianapolis Fire Department Training academies and graduates of five certified Indiana police training academy. Qualified firefighters receive 9 hours for designated SPEA courses, and qualified law enforcement academy graduates receive 12 hours for designated courses. This credit is awarded by written notification from SPEA to Admissions. The individual must either (1) be currently enrolled or (2) applied and accepted for admission. The credit is treated as transfer credit and becomes “official” once the student completes one additional IUPUI course. Individuals who believe they qualify should be directed to the Student Services office in SPEA. Recipients of this firefighter and law enforcement credit should be directly admitted to SPEA when they apply for the credit.

Download the Policy Academy application
Download the Indianapolis Fire Department application


SPEA advisors

Academic Advisor
Terry O'Brien
Phone: 317-274-5660
In person: SPEA Student Services, BS 3025

Associate Director of Student Services
James Eckerty
Phone: 317-278-4466
In person: SPEA Student Services, BS 3025

Career Advisor
Kristine Schuster
Phone: 317-278-1578
In person: SPEA Student Services, BS 3025

SPEA Director of Student Services
Nicole Amonette
In person: SPEA Student Services, BS 3025
Mail: Nicole Amonette, SPEA, 801 West Michigan Street, BS 3025, Indianapolis, IN 46202

IUPUI Undergraduate Admissions
Campus Center 255
Phone: 317-274-4591
IUPUI Office of Student Scholarships
IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services