SPEA Favorite Professor Award

Every year, SPEA recognizes outstanding teachers with our SPEA Favorite Professor Award. Students nominate both full-time and part-time faculty, graduate and undergraduate for this award, and the nominations are reviewed by a committee of SPEA students, faculty and staff. The winners are announced at the SPEA Graduation Dinner on April 28.

Click here to nominate your favorite professor.

Past winners are:

 Undergraduate  Graduate
 Part time  Full time  Part time  Full time
 2016  Stacy Lozer  Eric Grommon  Mark Renner  William Foley
 David Dreyer  Jim White  Kevin Mickey  Jerome Dumortier
 John Marron  David Mitchell  Becca Lewis  Bill Foley
 2013  Lucinda Nord  Kenna Quinet  Jim Landers  Jerome Dumortier
 2012  Tom New  Jim White  Roger Sell  Tom Stucky
 2011  Tom New  Kenna Quinet and Jim White  Roger Sell  John Ottensmann
 2010  Monica Solinas-Saunders  Jim White  Jamie Levy  Wolfgang Bielefeld
 2009  Tom New  Jim White  Suzann Lupton  Tom Stucky
 2008  Justin Corbett  Kenna Quinet  Suzann Lupton  Ann Holmes
 2007  Mark Akers  Robert Brown  Marc Hardy  John Ottensmann
 2006  David Dreyer  Kenna Quinet  Roger Sell  Eric Wright
 2005  Patrik Madaras  Robert Brown  Tim Seiler  Ann Holmes
 2004  Ruth Reichard  Ingrid Ritchie  James Landers  Ann Holmes
 2003  David Dreyer  Karen Harlow  Terry Zollinger  Ingrid Ritchie