Trustees' Teaching Award recipients in SPEA

The Trustees' Teaching Awards annually recognize tenured and tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty and full-time lecturers who “have demonstrated they are the best teachers” on all IU campuses. In addition to being recognized at university events, winners receive a cash award.

SPEA’s winners are:

   2015    Seth Payton
   2014    William Foley
   2013    Jeff Paine
   2012    Roger Jarjoura
   2011    Crystal Garcia
   2010    Crystal Garcia
   2009    Tom Stucky and Sheila Kennedy
   2008    Crystal Garcia and Alfred Ho
   2007    Tom Stucky and Crystal Garcia
   2006    Crystal Garcia and Kenna Quinet
   2005    Crystal Garcia and Ann Holmes
   2004    Roger Jarjoura
   2003    Ann Holmes