Dr. Terry L. Baumer

Dr. Terry L. Baumer

Associate Professor
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Office: BS 4084
Phone: 317-274-2417

Dr. Baumer joined the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI in 1984. Prior to this appointment he served for four years on the SPEA faculty at IUSB. His primary focus is on the development, improvement and evaluation of empirically informed policies which improve the quality of justice. He has conducted research on jails, booking facilities, bank security, fear of crime and electronically monitored home detention.


  • Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago, Sociology
  • M.A., Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Sociology
  • B.A., Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Sociology

Professional experience

  • Senior Researcher, Westinghouse Evaluation Institute
  • Research Associate, Center for Urban Affairs, Northwestern University

Major fields of expertise

  • Designing and evaluating criminal justice programs which improve the quality of justice
  • Jails
  • Community corrections
  • Crime trends and fear of crime
  • Bank robbery and retail theft
  • Electronically monitored home detention
  • Drug and alcohol dependence

Intellectual contributions

  • Baumer, Terry. 2007. "Reducing Lockup Crowding with Expedited Initial Processing of Minor Offenders." Journal of Criminal Justice. 36(3): 273-281.
  • Baumer, Terry L. and Kenneth Adams. 2006. "Controlling a Jail Population by Partially Closing the Front Door: An Evaluation of a 'Summons in Lieu of Arrest' Policy." The Prison Journal 86(3):386-402.
  • Baumer, Terry L. 1998. "Assessing the Need for Treatment in the Arrestee Population." Journal of Crime and Justice 21(2):173-190.
  • Baumer, Terry L. and Robert I.Mendelsohn. 1995. "A Cautionary Tale About Electronically Monitored Home Detention." In Ken Schulz (ed) Electronic Monitoring and Corrections: The Policy, The Operation, The Research, Burnaby, British Columbia: Simon Fraser University.
  • Baumer, Terry L., Michael G. Maxfield, and Robert I. Mendelsohn. 1993. "A Comparative Analysis of Three Electronically Monitored Home Detention Programs." Justice Quarterly 10:121-142. (NOTE: This article was subsequently reprinted in Journal of Offender Monitoring 1994 7:1-13.)
  • Maxfield, Michael G. and Terry L. Baumer. 1992. "Pretrial Home Detention with Electronic Monitoring: a Nonexperimental Salvage Evaluation." Evaluation Review 16:315-332.
  • Baumer, Terry L. and Robert I. Mendelsohn. 1992. "Electronically Monitored Home Confinement: Does It Work?" Chapter prepared for Smart Sentencing: An Examination of the Emergence of Intermediate Sanctions. James Byrne, Arthur Lurigio, and Joan Petersilia (eds.). Newbury Park, CA: Sage.
  • Maxfield, Michael G. and Terry L. Baumer. 1990. "Home Detention with Electronic Monitoring: Comparing Pretrial and Postconviction Programs." Crime and Delinquency 36(4):521-536.
  • Terry L. Baumer. 1985. "Testing a General Model of Fear of Crime: Data from a National Sample." Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.
  • Dennis Rosenbaum and Terry Baumer. 1984. "Measuring and Controlling Employee Theft: a National Assessment of the State-of-the-Art." Journal of Security Administration 5:67-80.

Courses taught

  • J101, American Criminal Justice System
  • J439, Crime and Public Policy
  • J331, American Corrections


Board of Directors, Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana