Faculty directory

SPEA faculty members at IUPUI

John D. Graham John D. Graham   |   Dean
Ph.D., Urban and Public Affairs, Carnegie-Mellon University
Government reform, energy and the environment, and the future of the automobile in both developed and developing countries   |   812-855-1432
Lilliard Richardson Lilliard Richardson   |   Executive Associate Dean
Ph.D., Government, University of Texas Austin
Traffic safety, electoral systems, health care reform, policy analysis, research methods   |   317-274-2016
Lehn Benjamin Lehn Benjamin   |   Associate Professor
Ph.D. Cornell University
Nonprofits, effectiveness and accountability, evaluation, frontline work, community development and anti-poverty organizations   |   317-278-8206
Dena C. Carson Dena C. Carson   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Youth violence, gangs, delinquent peer groups and victimization   |   317-274-8707
Jeremy Carter Jeremy Carter   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
Policing, homeland security, intelligence, justice technologies, policy evaluation, counter-terrorism   |   317-274-4170
Cali Curley Cali Curley   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Public Administration and Public Policy, Florida State University
Service delivery mechanisms, institutions, energy policy and sustainability   |  317-278-7532.
Jamie Levine Daniel Jamie Levine Daniel   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Nonprofit management, capacity, nonprofit revenue trends   |   317-274-8227
Timothy Dickinson Timothy Dickinson   |   Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Offender decision-making, offender communication, drug markets, qualitative research methods   |   317-274-4451
Jerome Dumortier Jerome Dumortier   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Economics, Iowa State University
Agricultural economics, land-use change, resource economics, energy economics   |   317-274-1817
William Foley, Jr. William Foley, Jr.   |   Lecturer
Ph.D., American History, Indiana University, Bloomington
National security, homeland security, public safety and emergency management   |   317-274-1655
Crystal Garcia Crystal Garcia   |   Associate Professor
Ph.D., Social Ecology: Criminology, Law and Society, University of California, Irvine
Evaluation of community corrections programs and criminal justice technologies (e.g., school safety technology and digital photography as evidence), crime policy and juvenile justice   |   317-274-7006
Eric Grommon Eric Grommon   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
Corrections, evaluation of criminal justice programs and operations, community crime prevention strategies, research methods   |   317-278-9481
Jeff Gruenewald Jeff Gruenewald   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
Terrorism and extremism, homeland security policy, homicide, media coverage of crime and justice and restorative justice   |   317-274-4173
Catherine Herrold Catherine Herrold   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Public Policy, Duke University
Philanthropy, civil society, democracy promotion, Middle East and North Africa   |   317-278-8983
Sara Johnson Sara Johnson   |   Director, Executive Education and Clinical Assistant Professor
Doctoral studies in Leadership (on hold), Trinity Seminary
Health care management, organizational behavior, ethics, leadership, mentoring   |   317-274-2843
Sheila Suess Kennedy Sheila Suess Kennedy   |   Professor
J.D., cum laude, Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis
Civil liberties, civil rights, civic literacy, charitable choice/privatization and rule of law   |   317-274-2895
Laura Littlepage Laura Littlepage   |   Lecturer
M.P.A., Urban Public Policy, New York University
Evaluation, nonprofit organizations, voluntarism, impact of casino gaming in Indiana   |   317-261-3061
Xian Liu Xian Liu   |   Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Environmental economics and policy, regulatory economics, political economy and public policy analysis   |   317-274-8709
Suzann Lupton Suzann Lupton   |   Clinical Assistant Professor; Director of Academic Affairs
J.D., Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis
Health philanthropy and the connections between philanthropic institutions and the state   |   317-274-2717
E. Jane Luzar E. Jane Luzar   |   Founding Dean, IUPUI Honors College and Professor
Ph.D. Natural Resource Economics, Virginia Tech
Academic administration, natural resource policy   |   317-278-5082
Patrik Madaras Patrik Madaras   |   Lecturer and Statistics Coordinator
Doctoral candidate, Indiana University, 2014
Statistics, quantitative methodologies, performance measurement systems and government operations   |   317-274-8024
Deanna Malatesta Deanna Malatesta   |   Associate Professor
Ph.D., Public Administration, University of Georgia
Public management, organization and institution analysis, telecommunications policy   |   317-274-0876
Cullen C. Merritt Cullen C. Merritt   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Public Administration, University of Kansas
Public management, organizational theory and behavior, institutional theory, public value and publicness.   |   317-278-0200
Debra Mesch Debra Mesch   |   Professor
Ph.D., Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University-Bloomington
Gender and philanthropy, nonprofit management, giving and volunteering and human resource management   |   317-274-8635
Douglas Noonan Douglas Noonan   |   Professor
Director of Research, Indiana University Public Policy Institute
Ph.D., Public Policy, University of Chicago
Policy analysis, environmental policy and economics, urban economics, cultural policy   |   317-278-2448
Jeffrey Paine Jeffrey Paine   |   Lecturer in Public Affairs and Director of Public Affairs Programs
Doctor of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Springfield
Sustainability in the relationship between the public, nonprofit and private sectors in state and local settings   |   317-278-1068
Seth Payton Seth Payton   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Public Affairs: Public Finance and Policy Analysis, Indiana University-Bloomington
Public finance and budgeting, housing and urban policy, public service valuation   |   317-278-4898
Kenna Quinet Kenna Quinet   |   Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Serial and mass murder, missing persons, unidentified and unclaimed dead, animal welfare   |   317-274-3447
Bradley Ray Bradley Ray   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Sociology, North Carolina State University
Problem-solving courts, evaluating criminal justice and social intervention programs, recidivism, research methods, criminological theory   |   317-274-8701
Abdul-Akeem Sadiq Abdul-Akeem Sadiq   |   Associate Professor
Ph.D., Public Policy, Georgia State University and Georgia Institute of Technology
Emergency management, public safety management, homeland security, terrorism, research methods, environmental policy   |   317-278-1013
  Saba Siddiki   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver
Institutional analysis, policy process, environmental policy and sustainability
Thomas D. Stucky Thomas D. Stucky   |   Professor; Director of Faculty Development and Online Initiatives
Ph.D., Sociology, University of Iowa
Criminology, criminal justice, social control, political sociology   |   317-274-3462
Jody Sundt Jody Sundt   |   Associate Dean, Graduate and Executive Education
Ph.D., Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati
Correctional policy, program implementation, public attitudes and research design   |   317-278-0426
Marlene Walk Marlene Walk   |   Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of Pennsylvania
Human resources management, nonprofit management, organizational change, meaning of work and volunteering and volunteer management   |   317-274 -3098
Jim White Jim White   |   Clinical Lecturer, Public Safety Management
Master of Education, Butler University
Public safety management and leadership   |   317-278-8624
Marshawn Wolley Marshawn Wolley   |   Director of Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives and Lecturer in Public Affairs
MBA, Indiana University
Urban politics, civic engagement, public management   |   317-278-7442
Tamra Wright Tamra Wright   |  Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
MS, Southeast Missouri State University
Policy management and civic engagement
Shan Zhou

Shan Zhou   |  Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy
Environmental and energy policy, policy analysis and quantitative research methods

Professors Emeriti

Terry Baumer Terry Baumer   |   Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago, Sociology
Jails, community corrections, crime trends and fear of crime, bank robbery and retail theft, electronically-monitored home detention, drug and alcohol dependence
Wolfgang Bielefeld Wolfgang Bielefeld   |   Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Sociology, University of Minnesota
Nonprofit management and philanthropic studies
Carlyn Johnson Carlyn Johnson   |   Professor Emeritus
J.D., McKinney School of Law
Tom DeCoster Tom DeCoster   |   Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Economics, University of Notre Dame
Strategic leadership, leading a multigenerational workforce, personal productivity and business management
John Krauss John Krauss   |   Professor Emeritus
J.D., Indiana University McKinney School of Law-Indianapolis
Law, public policy, intergovernmental relations, conflict resolution and mediation
Samuel Nunn Samuel Nunn   |   Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Urban Affairs and Public Policy, University of Delaware
State criminal justice policies, crime and technology, terrorism and homeland security, policing, drug enforcement policy  
John Ottensmann John Ottensmann   |   Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Urban spatial structure and special dimensions of urban policy, urban simulation models, computer applications in planning and geographic information systems (GIS)
William Plater William M. Plater   |   Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
Contemporary American fiction, the humanities and advanced technologies, administration of higher education and excellence in higher education