Course and descriptions

Each course is offered once a year in person on the IUPUI campus and once a year online. In-person courses last for two days and begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. Online courses are four weeks long; expect to spend a minimum of four hours a week per course.

Financial Analysis for Nonprofit Leaders: Financial position, robustness, and flexibility are all areas that are vitally important for effective nonprofit leadership. Leaders in nonprofit organizations must understand the drivers of these components of financial strength in order to be successful in pursuing their organizational missions. Learn more about Financial Analysis for Nonprofit Leaders.

Nonprofit Management in the 21st Century: This course will provide you with a strong foundation of the legal and managerial responsibilities of nonprofit organizations. One of the biggest challenges facing the nonprofit sector today is the quality of its management and board—therefore, this course engages in topics related to governance, accountability, collaboration, and leadership. Learn more about Nonprofit Management in the 21st Century.

Program Evaluation for Mission Impact: This course focuses on the techniques and application of evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of nonprofit programs, as program evaluation is one mechanism for establishing accountability in nonprofit organizations. You will learn evaluation techniques currently used to determine whether nonprofit programs are having the intended effects. You'll also learn how to develop and implement cutting-edge performance measurement strategies in nonprofit organizations. Learn more about Program Evaluation for Mission Impact.

Strategic Planning and Nonprofit Leadership: This course will explore key aspects of building and sustaining a high-performance organization through strategic planning, which is essential for the effective leadership and management of nonprofit organizations. You will learn to use a practical model for conducting successful strategic planning and will create improvement plans for revising and updating existing strategic plans as well as individualized plans for professional growth and development relating to your leadership style. Learn more about Strategic Planning and Nonprofit Leadership.