Stuart G. Shepley

Stuart G. Shepley Stuart G. Shepley is an adjunct faculty member of the Executive Education Program in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. Stuart previously worked for Indiana University Bloomington both as an administrator at Bradford Woods Outdoor Center and as a faculty member in IU's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, which has since been renamed the School of Public Health.

An experience teacher, facilitator, administrator and consultant, Stuart has taught at both the gaduate and undergraduate level. His areas of expertise include organizational effectiveness, leadership development, team development and training trainers. Stuart is also involved in personal growth programs and seminar teaching. He is particularly interested in the use of experiential activity and adventure programming in all teaching environments.

Through his associations at IU, Stuart has consulted internationally with many top companies, government agencies, health organizations and institutions of higher education. Much of this work has been focused on developing and managing high performance organizations and work teams. As part of the Executive Education program, Stuart has worked with many organizations, including the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Hospital Health Administration and many individual work units within those organizations.

Stuart holds undergraduate degrees in management studies and social work/counseling from English Universities and a master's degree from Indiana University.