How and Why Women Give

Debra Mesch
Professor and Director of the Women' Philanthropy Institute
Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Office: BS 4060
Phone: 317-274-8635

Project Description

This work will summarize existing research on gender and philanthropy, and develop new findings about key questions such as whether certain issues resonate more for female donors than male donors. Through this work, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its staff will better understand women’s philanthropy and be better equipped to advise private donors on their giving. The work will also be disseminated to a wider audience, promoting this new knowledge across the United States and abroad. This work will build the charitable sector by drawing attention to the capacity of female philanthropists and by inspiring giving for women and men alike.

Project Objectives

Objective 1. Inform how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can better engage women in the philanthropic sector.

Objective 2. Provide research and data to help answer questions about women’s giving.

Objective 3. Share knowledge with the broader sector to help fill a key gap in the sector.

Project Funding

$375,000 grant – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation