About IUPUI and Indianapolis

For students learning how to make a difference in business, government and nonprofit organizations, what better place to study than a major city where such organizations are headquartered?

IUPUI is just a short walk or ride from bustling city, state and federal government centers as well as hundreds of corporations and nonprofit organizations. Internships, mentors and active learning opportunities are right around the corner. Well-connected to these institutions, SPEA's faculty members are recognized for their credentials, experience, involvement and impact worldwide. With the entire Central Indiana community as their learning lab, SPEA students have unmatched access to the people and places where change happens first.

IUPUI's downtown location also offers a diverse social life that only an urban campus can provide. Indianapolis is home to nightclubs and breakfast spots, peaceful bike paths and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, renowned art and history museums, lively theaters, thriving microbreweries, the world's largest children's museum, locally owned restaurants, live music venues, countless parks, the NCAA Headquarters and Hall of Champions, the Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Pacers, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and roller derby teams.

More than 30,000 students in 21 schools live, work, study and play on our campus.